Serbian Foods Recipes

Karadjordje's steak

Karadjordje's steak is a Serbian dish named after the Serbian Prince Karadjordje. It is a rolled veal or pork steak, stuffed with kajmak, breaded and baked (or fried). It is served with roasted potatoes and tartar sauce.
The steak is sometimes called jokingly "maidens dream" because of its shape.


500g. of pork steaks
150g. of kajmak
2 eggs
bread crumbs

Beat the steaks with hammer until they are thin and soft. Cover one side of steaks with "kajmak". Rool the meat like a pancake and fasten it with toothpick. First, dip the steaks into flour, then dip them into mixed eggs and, finally, roll them into bread crumbs.
Fry the steaks in the heated oil until they get brown-yellow colour.

I hope you'll enjoy in Serbian Food!


One Traditional Serbian recipe: Ćevapcici - Grilled rolls of minced beef and lamb, served with chopped fresh onion.


350g Premium Grade Minced Beef
150g minced lamb
2 garlic cloves, minced
50g onion, minced
40ml natural mineral water
20ml oil
hot chili to taste (optional)


1. Combine well all ingredients for Ćevapcici. Refrigerate mixture over night.
2. Wet hands with water and shape the mixture into uniform rolls.
3. Cook the Ćevapcici on a hot lightly oiled barbecue grill or frypan for 6-10 minutes, turning frequently.
4. Ćevapcici can be served on its own or between slices of flat bread.

I hope you'll enjoy in Serbian food!

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Prebranac - Serbian Baked beans

One of the cherished Serbian recipes...beans is a great food.

You need:
500 g beans
300 g bacon
2 list lorber
1 serbian red pepper
1 kg onion
cayenne pepper
parsley leaf

Wash beans and place to cook. Add head chopped onion, red pepper and Lorber. In another bowl, on a lot of oil fry 1kg finely cut onion, and when is done, add chopped parsley leaf, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. When the beans soften, drain it, and in the baking dish aligned alternately beans,onion and finish with bacon. Bake in oven 1h.

Enjoy in Serbian food!

Serbian Stuffed Peppers - Punjene paprike

The most popular Serbian recipe.

You need:
Serbian peppers, sweet, fresh, 9 medium
Rice 100 gr
Ground Pork 500 gr
Salt 1 tbsp
Vegeta Food Seasoning 3 tsp
Brown Sugar, 3 tsp packed
Tomato Sauce, 2 cup
1 egg

Brown onions in oil. Take from oven and cool before adding the egg. Mix in meat and rice. Add salt. Mix well. Clean peppers and remove seeds. Stuff peppers with meat mixture. Place in a dish with lid suitable for ovens. Poor water on top.. Add Vegeta and sugar. Cook for about an hour. Add tomato sauce and cook for another half hour.



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